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UPTO 20% OFF | Free Shipping Available | Place Your ORDER NOW

Hammered Plain Tibetan Singing bowls 13 CM

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Current price $125.50

Diameter- 13cm*13cm

Weight- 0.42 KG

Product Description 

This is a fine plain hammered singing bowl which has an elongated humming sound. These Traditional Tibetan Singing Bowls unique is the finishing of the surface and the high quality sound they make.

Singing bowls, also known as meditation chakra bowls, healing singing bowls, or Himalayan singing bowls, are mainly used in Nepal and Tibet by Buddhist monks for meditation, religious ritual music, traditional ritual offerings, and prayers. It has been used as a prayer bowl.

The set consists of a singing bowl, a cushion, and a mallet.

Additional Information

-Our products are handcrafted, each statues and signing bowl have their own specification.

-Since the work is based on handmade and artistic skills, the product might vary from the picture.

-Although we have real product pictures, images, and colors may appear differently on your screen, due to lighting and certain details that might not have been captured by the camera.

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- Singing Bowls are measured in diameter.

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