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Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowl 24 CM

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Full Moon handmade singing bowl was created by accomplished Tibetan artisans and is designed to provide a calming and resonating sound. The bowl, which is made of premium metal thought to be astrologically pure, is made to look like a full moon. Santarat Nashakya, a therapist and authority on the use of singing bowls for therapeutic reasons at Sound, developed the idea of the Full Moon Singing Bowl.

Full Moon Singing Bowls have become a popular sound therapy and meditation tool that are renowned for their capacity to foster healing and deep relaxation. These unique bowls are made on the night of the full moon each month, allowing them to absorb the powerful energy and light of the moon. The vibrations produced by the bowl are believed to be amplified by this energy, enhancing their therapeutic effects. This particular Full Moon Singing Bowl has been carefully chosen for its exceptional healing properties, making it an ideal choice for use during meditation and sound therapy sessions.

This singing bowl is adorned with the sacred Om Mani mantra, which is carved into its surface. The mantra is believed to have powerful spiritual and healing properties in many cultures. Additionally, the bowl is available for purchase as a complete set, which includes a cushion and striker. The cushion is padded with wood and covered in felt, providing a comfortable and stable surface for the bowl during use. The striker is also included, allowing you to produce a variety of sounds and tones from the bowl.

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