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Vajrasattva Statue &Oxidized Sculpture 22 CM

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Vajrasattva, who takes us away from delusion and purifies our Karma, is a part of both Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions. Vajrasattvatmika is his female counterpart who's believed to be his Shakti or power. He's called by different other names including Yab-yum. Yab-yum is actually associated with the female part and many texts claim that this part is secret in general.

Generally, he is shown in white color signifying purity. He's adorned with crowns on his head that reflect peace and light. In the right and left hands of the deity, we can see Vajra and a bell, respectively. As for his attire, he looks quite lavish. The garments are colorful and rich. Hi crosses his leg and sits firmly in one of the yogic postures called Vajrasana. One can see a moon disk and a white lotus under his weight. But in some other images, he's seen even standing or stretching out his right leg. Thus, meditating on Vajrasattva is highly recommended for those who want to enhance their spiritual height


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