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Our Leaders

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Our three leaders have made significant strides in their entrepreneurial journey to establish a platform contributing to Nepal's economic development. They possess the qualities of effective leadership - they know the way, go the way, and show the way. Their vision is to promote a nationwide perspective on creating a brighter future for Nepal through the creation of business opportunities and empowering the youth. 

Without further ado, we proudly present our three remarkable leaders!

Latika Golyan 

Latika Golyan is an entrepreneur who has worked in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, hospitality, construction, agriculture, FMCG, pet consumables, and e-commerce. One of her major achievements was creating the luxurious Hyatt Place hotel in Kathmandu, which opened in 2021. She is passionate about using business to do good and has founded a brand called 'Mato' that sells organic fresh produce from Nepalese farmers.

Currently, she serves as the Chairperson and Managing Director of 'Made In Nepal Pvt Ltd' and 'Lekali Corp Pvt Ltd.' 'Made In Nepal aim to support small and medium-scale entrepreneurs and promote Nepalese products worldwide. 'Lekali,' on the other hand, works with dairy farmers and dairies across Nepal and exports natural pet products such as Himalayan dog chew. The company's pet division also employs women artisans to help them export their products. Latika is also on the board of YPO Nepal, a global community of business leaders, and has won the "Business Woman of the Year, Nepal 2020" award. She has been invited to speak on many platforms, including TED, and was featured on the cover page of 'Wow Magazine' in October 2020.
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Aabhushan Jyoti Kansakar

Aabhushan Jyoti Kansakar is a dynamic and successful entrepreneur who is currently the CEO of Jeevee Nepal. He is responsible for overseeing six other subsidiaries that fall under the DebaJyoti Group. His businesses cover a wide range of industries, from heavy equipment trade to lifestyle-defining products, to those that are shaping the future of Nepal's economy. Through his leadership, he has established a platform that has taken Nepal to new heights of development. In addition to his business ventures, he also serves as an executive member of a non-profit organisation called 'Nepalese Young Entrepreneur,' which has over 800 members across Nepal. Kansakar has also been involved in multiple projects that have helped uplift the youth and their entrepreneurial mindsets to the next level.

Kansakar's passion for entrepreneurship has led him to make significant contributions to Nepal's economic growth. His vision and dedication to building successful businesses have been instrumental in creating new opportunities and driving innovation. He is committed to using his expertise to uplift the country's youth and promote entrepreneurship. Kansakar is an inspiring figure who has built a legacy through his hard work and commitment to creating a better future for Nepal.


Nicholas Pandey


As the Managing Director of Kalika Construction Pvt. Ltd., one of Nepal's top construction firms, and Chairman of Remote Construction Engineers, an engineering and construction outsourcing company, he is passionate about delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions to clients worldwide. With his extensive experience and proven track record of success, he brings a wealth of expertise to every project.

He has also been involved in various other industries throughout his career, including telecommunication, media technology, IT hardware, mining, and manufacturing. This diverse background has given him a deep understanding of the engineering and construction sector, as well as the unique challenges and opportunities that come with outsourcing.

Whether you are looking for offsite engineering and construction services or seeking career opportunities in this dynamic industry, he invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn. Let's work together to achieve your goals and drive success.