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How to Play Singing Bowls: A Beginner's Guide

How to Play Singing Bowls: A Beginner's Guide

Play Singing Bowls

Singing bowls have been used for centuries as a tool for meditation, relaxation, and healing. If you're interested in learning how to play singing bowls, you've come to the right place! In this beginner's guide, we'll take you through the basics of playing singing bowls, including choosing a bowl, preparing to play, and techniques for creating sound and vibration.


Singing bowls are a type of instrument that originated in the Himalayan region. They are made of metal and come in various sizes and designs. When played, singing bowls produce a rich, soothing sound that can be used to promote relaxation and meditation. In addition, the sound and vibration of singing bowls have been known to have healing effects on the body and mind.

Types of Singing Bowls in the Market

There are two main types of singing bowls: traditional and modern. Traditional singing bowls are made by hand and are often considered to have a more authentic sound. Modern singing bowls, on the other hand, are machine-made and can be more affordable and easier to find. When choosing a singing bowl, it's important to consider your preferences and needs.

Choosing the Right Singing Bowl for You

When choosing a singing bowl, there are several factors to consider. These include the size, weight, and design of the bowl. It's also important to consider the sound and vibration of the bowl and how it resonates with you. You can try playing different bowls and see which one feels right for you.

Preparing to Play

Before you start playing your singing bowl, it's important to prepare your space and your mind. Find a quiet, peaceful space where you won't be disturbed. Clear your mind of any distractions and focus your intention on the sound and vibration of the bowl. Hold the bowl with both hands and place it on a cushion or a soft surface.

Techniques for Playing Singing Bowls

There are several techniques for playing singing bowls, including striking the bowl, rubbing the rim, and circular rubbing. To strike the bowl, use a padded mallet and tap the bowl lightly on the side. Rubbing the rim involves running the mallet around the rim of the bowl to create a sustained tone. Circular rubbing involves moving the mallet in a circular motion around the rim of the bowl to create a continuous sound.

 Creating Sound and Vibration

The sound and vibration of singing bowls can be used for meditation and relaxation. To create a consistent tone, it's important to apply consistent pressure and maintain a steady motion when playing the bowl. You can experiment with different techniques and find the one that works best for you.

Care and Maintenance of Singing Bowls

To keep your singing bowl in good condition, it's important to clean and store it properly. Use a soft cloth to clean the bowl and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Store the bowl in a safe place where it won't be damaged or knocked over. You can also enhance the sound quality of your bowl by using accessories such as a singing bowl cushion or a gong striker.


Learning how to play singing bowls can be a rewarding and meditative experience. By choosing the right bowl, preparing your space and mind, and experimenting with different techniques, you can create a beautiful and soothing sound that promotes relaxation and healing. With regular practice and care, your singing bowl can become a valuable tool for your overall well-being.

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